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PEMF Facts for Beginner!

Understanding PEMF!



Many people are suffering from various kinds of problems like knee pain, shoulder pain etc, due to high-pressure work and busy lifestyle. PAMF 8000 is the device developed to help you in all these types of health problems. Our developers have continued to research and have made PEMF 8000 using the best state of the art technology. On the internet, lots of confusing information are available related to PEMF 8000. So, it is difficult for a non-profession buyer to choose best of them. here, we provide you all accurate and relevant information about this product.

Frequently asked questions:



1.What is the full form of PEMF?

PAMF stands for Pulse Electro Magnetic Field therapy.


2.What is PEMF8000?

electromagnetic field therapy repair bone fracture, various body pains like knee pain, migraines, shoulder pain, headaches, back pain, rheumatic pain and many others.


3.Is it safe for our health and effective?

Yes, this is completely safe and effective. is approved by Food and Drug and on bone healing and depression.



4.How to operate this device?

PEMF devices send electromagnetic signals to these worn out cells and provide the electric energy through magnetic waves. This makes the low energy cell recharged and they start healing the body relieving you from pain.


The strength of the magnetic field produced defends on the power of the device. Devices that use high voltage will produce stronger magnetic fields and vice versa. PEMF 8000 is a high voltage device that produces the magnetic field from 2400-20000 gauss per pulse which is higher than the competition.


5.Precaution with PEMF 8000?

Definitely yes,


6.Is there any insurance policy which covers PEMF 8000?

At this time, we do not have any successful payments for patients. Please do not think this as a medical device, but use this as an exercise system.


7.For what period should I use PEMF 8000?

There are many of us who suffer from back and neck pain. We may have that pain because of the work that we do or perhaps we simply moved in the wrong direction. device will help you to relief from pain quickly, this device rapidly and eliminates pain.


8.Cost of sessions with PEMF?

We are providing the sessions from starting rate of 25 dollars for some limited time period.


9.May I know the Time period of a session?

We offer each session of is around fifteen minutes depends upon the need of patient’s.


10.What are the benefits of the PEMF8000?

PEMF device is improved over the years, now PEMF have some huge benefits to make your life healthy



  • This helps you to reduce pain.

  • It heals skin wound faster as compare to other devices.

  • It helps to reduce muscle loss after surgeries.

  • It improves microcirculation and help in nerve regeneration and reduces pain.

PEMF 8000 Facts

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