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Understanding PEMF


PEMF Frequency Does Matter! The Key to Understanding PEMF



















The Key to Understanding PEMF because frequency matters on PEMF


The intensity is slightly easier to recognize because it is the strength, dimension or dose of some amount. Frequency is slightly more complicated, but understanding energy therapy and PEMF therapy is important so we will define it carefully. The frequency is the key to PEMF therapy, not intensity. And as we will see, this is especially the frequency that the earth's magnetic field and ionosphere (Schumann Resonance). These earth frequencies are mainly in the 0-30 Hz range and they correspond exactly to the frequencies of our body, mind, tissues, and cells. So give me your full attention for this page and the next and we promise that you will be very much appreciated for the importance of earth-based PEMF therapy. Let's start by defining the frequency.

Definition of Frequency
It is easiest to think about the frequency in the case of waves and it is measured in the designated Hertz unit in honor of 19th-century German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. The hertz measure in the number of waves that pass every second, the number of cycles per second or the number of oscillations per second. For example, note on the violin string “A” varies at about 440 vibrations per second (440 Hz). Frequency is conceptual mathematics that applies to many physical events. For example, waves of water are a great way to see the frequency. If there will be many waves in the small area, high frequency will produce and vice-versa.
The most important application of frequency, Electromagnetic Spectrum:


Electromagnetic spectrum involves the illuminating light, mysterious and importantly photon is the force behind all the electromagnetic functions. In fact, the photon transmits the force dependable for all electrical relations between charged particles, which are primarily electrons and protons in our world. 

But the photon does, even more, it makes all visible light, radio waves, infrared waves, x-rays and gamma rays, and whatever is in the middle of Earth. The lowest frequencies in this spectrum are radio waves which can wavelength up to several hundred miles.

Then, in order of increasing frequency, there are microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-ray, gamma ray and cosmic ray. Notice that, we can only see part of a small piece or electromagnetic spectrum that is visible light. Sun is the source of electromagnetic rays that we experience daily. This is seen mostly through infrared, which is visible till the ultraviolet end of the spectrum.


Effect of Frequency on the Body and Mind:


Earth mainly emits frequency range, our brains move and operate in this frequency range day and night. Our cells and tissues tend to tilt towards these frequencies and surprisingly, we actually have a lot of these frequencies by hands only.

At the level of tissues, the same 0-30 Hz frequency range has shown the most positive benefits on the human body. The biomedical researchers are searching for that effective use and starting different types of soft and tissues. In 1995, Siskin and Walker said that an Elf of 2Hz stimulated nerve regeneration and a frequency of 7 Hz can be used to promote bone growth. In the frequencies of 10 Hz, it promotes unstable treatment, and 15, 20, and 72 Hz can be used to reduce skin necrosis and stimulate capillary formation. Since tissues and organs are made of cells, this research confirms further the concept that the human body is cloned and responds to the frequency of 0-30 Hz of frequencies.

The frequency of the pulse is not stable, but with maximum activity in the range of 7-8 Hz, increases from 0.3 to 30 Hz (per the second cycle), up and down. Bio-magnetic flutter by hand is in the same frequency range because scientific studies of brain waves and frequencies required for therapy indicate that they naturally proceed through the full range of medical frequencies, thus anybody The body parts are capable of stimulating the body.

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