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What is the PEMF Therapy?

Acronym for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field”, the therapy is considered an alternative therapy that generates wave-like charges called the electromagnetic fields. The PEMF therapy is based on the fact that all living beings are made up of cells. The therapy influences the cell behavior by inducing electrical charges to the body and thereby to the cells.

With rejuvenated cells, there is better circulation of blood which in turn increases the oxygen pressure. This leads to further activation and regeneration of cells.

Better activation and stimulation of cells results in improved calcium transport, which in turn results in the betterment of the quality of cartilage in joints and bones decreasing the pain in a dramatic way. In many cases, acute and chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis has been known to disappear.

The PEMF therapy is fast gaining popularity over conventional forms of treating illnesses for the simple reason that it does not mask the problem but cures the underlying problem. It is important to note that a person gets sick or diseased when his/her cells are not performing their functions in the proper manner. There is a need to fine-tune these cells or to say there is the need to stimulate the cells so that they do not deviate from performing their functions.

The PEMF devices used in the therapy induce electromagnetic waves into the body. These electrical charges induce the cells and stimulate them. Slowly and steadily they are cured of their problem and are once again able to perform the task of taking in nutrients and expelling the waste from the body.

There are different PEMF devices for different types of problems. Each of the variants of the PEMF devices has its own benefits. Individuals can use them for treatment of pain and inflammation, healing of wounds, relief from stress and depression and for better sleep quality. Studies have also revealed that with regular use of the PEMF therapy, the process of aging can be slowed down. As the cells are not allowed to wither away and are fine-tuned regularly, it is not a wonder that aging is delayed.

There are several areas where the PEMF therapy works wonderfully. The therapy is found useful for the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Pain/Inflammation/swelling

  • Cuts and bruises/infected or open wounds

  • Fractures/osteoporosis/osteoarthritis

  • Postpartum pain/premenstrual pain

  • Sciatica/neuritis

  • Migraine/tension

  • Nerve injury/nerve regeneration/neuropathy

  • Spinal cord injury/musculoskeletal/muscle loss

  • Wrinkles/skin ulcers

  • Trauma/sports injury/spinal surgery/any other surgery

Therefore, there is no denying the fact that PEMF therapy is a great alternative therapy that provides a non-invasive way to cure certain illnesses.

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