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Healing Time with PEMF

There is no denying the fact that PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a very beneficial therapy that provides treatment at the cellular level by improving the cell functioning. However, what individuals are concerned about is the time taken by the therapy to heal a particular problem. While some people experience benefits quickly, others may take some time. This may be due to the severity of the problem or inadequate use of the PEMF devices.

It is very necessary to understand that individuals have different body types. Similarly different health problems require different field intensities. Some disease respond better to the treatment while some do not respond much even with high intensities. It is therefore, very important to select the right device that can impart the proper frequency required to treat the problem. Often people choose a PEMF device not based on its frequency required for the treatment but on their affordability. In such cases, it takes a little longer to get the expected results. Therefore, patients need to exercise patience.

Different people experience different results with PEMF devices. While some people experience tremendous results within a few days of treatment, others may take more time. As can be understood, PEMF devices do not medicate you. They simply impart an electromagnetic field around you that helps to heal your cells so that they are stimulated and resume their functioning. People must understand that as illnesses do not develop overnight, similarly healing cannot be achieved overnight.

PEMFs help in the reduction of dependence on medicines. The therapy tries to reduce the usage of drugs and provide relief from pain without changing the chemistry of the body. The human body has the ability to self-heal. But with the changing lifestyle this ability is being lost. PEMF therapy tries to restore this ability and stimulates the body to heal itself naturally.

Factors that Affect the Healing Time

Patients need to set realistic goals when they start to use the PEMF therapy. The therapy is not a magical wand that can cure you of the illness right away. One has to give it adequate time to show results. Here are some factors that affect the healing time taken by PEMF therapy:

  • Regenerative capability of the tissues

  • Nature of the problem

  • Severity of the problem

  • Types of tissues involved

  • Age of the patient

  • Level of the tissue damage

  • Response to treatment at different levels

  • Adequate use of the therapy as advised

  • Proper use of the applicator

  • Nutritional support

  • Toxicity and sensitivity towards the treatment

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