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PEMF! Pulsed Electromagnetic Science! The Victorious Preference for Shingles! PEMF! Help the body to

PEMF – A cutting edge technology for reducing or eliminating pain in minutes and promoting healing at the cellular level

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) is a revolutionary technology that offers, with an enormous spectrum of indications, new possibilities for the treatment of numerous illnesses and diseases.

Completely non-invasive, PEMF devices were only recently developed on the basis of the discoveries of great 20th century scientists of the last century such as Nikola Tesla, George Lahkovsky, and Antoine Prioré. They recognized that pulsed magnetic fields can influence our bodies bio energetically.

While we all acknowledge that the human body needs food, water, oxygen, and adequate sleep, most of us, however, don’t realize that life cannot be sustained without the natural magnetic forces that surround us and permeate our bodies. These forces influence the biological and permanent regeneration of the body. Disturbances within them upset the electrical fields of the cells, which leads to pain, sickness and disease – even with nourishing food, water, and oxygen.

The pulsed magnetic field generated by a PEMF device stimulates and mobilizes the ions in the cells of the body. The exchange of the nutrient particles inside and outside the cell is thus intensified by this so-called “ion pump.”

The magnetic fields go through the body and the cells completely. They move the ions in the cells and tissue in the rhythm of the magnetic field impulses which flow through them and press them to the cell walls. Here they cause a hyper-polarization and positively influence the energy metabolism above all else. This regulates of the voltages at the cell walls.

It is known that in various diseases, the border surface potentials of the cells are lower compared with the normal value. While the magnetic fields are normalizing the cell wall potential, the dynamics of the ions at the cell border surface improves.



When humans become stressed, there are a number of different activities that happen within the body. The immune system becomes weaker and the body is at a higher risk of falling ill. When your body falls ill, normal functions are disrupted. Doctors usually prescribe medication when you are ill, but these do not always work for everyone and sometimes they have unwanted side effects. If you are tired of traditional methods, PEMF therapy is an alternative treatment for your pain and suffering. Ask your doctor about alternative treatment with the PEMF8000.

What is Shingles?

Shingles is a virus. It has side effects including a painful rash that can appear any place on the body. Often times it wraps around your body. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox. If you have already had chickenpox then the virus remains in your body, and when overworked or stressed it can return as shingles.

As mentioned shingles manifests during periods of serious stress or being overworked. It can also come after a major injury or illness. The emotional anxiety caused by the loss of a loved one can also result in Shingles. It is as these times of high stress that the immune system goes through some drastic changes. The result is a decline of cells that fight off viruses. Once the immune system is down the shingle virus can reap havoc inside your body.

Using PEMF for Shingles Treatment

PEMF therapy has been known to reduce inflammation and pain caused by shingles. With the PEMF8000 patients can start seeing results, immediately after the first treatment. The earlier that shingles is treated the shorter the virus and the lesser the seriousness. PEMF treatment allows for pain relief without medications. The sooner you begin therapy the sooner you will see results and feel your body restored.

When applying PEMF therapy to your body you need to the area where you feel the most pain. As well, you will want to target the area where the virus might live. Consider this example; if pain is felt in the middle section of the chest or below the breasts, than apply treatment to the mid-thoracic spine area slightly under the shoulder blades. Split your therapy time between this location and the location of the virus (spinal column).

If shingles have been detected during its later stages, the pain felt is usually felt in the nerve. This is known as post herpetic neuralgia which can be diminished with electromagnetic fields. Shingles have also been known to return but with continued PEMF treatment you can prevent or lessen their reoccurrence.

In Conclusion:

Shingles is a virus not to be taken lightly, it is painful, and it can reoccur often and spread to other areas of the body. PEMF therapy with a device like the PEMF8000 will help treat an outbreak and reduce the reoccurrence. The earlier you start the better. Ask your doctor today about beginning treatment with the PEMF8000. Restore your body and renew your quality of life.


PEMFs should be applied not only to where the pain is being experienced, but also to the spinal column at the level where the virus probably lives. For example, if the pain is in the mid chest or under the breasts, then the treatment area should be in the mid-thoracic spine just below the level of the shoulder blades. If the problem is in the lower back or abdomen, then the treatment area should be in the lower back. So, part of the treatment time should be spent where the pain is or where the lesions appear, and the rest of the treatment time should be spent where the virus actually lives, which is usually along the spinal column.

In the case of acute lesions, patients typically need to be on either an antiviral and/or steroids to reduce the level of inflammation. I would never use PEMFs in this case without using some kind of an antiviral or anti-inflammatory or immune-modulating treatment protocol. We do need to quiet down the acute and uncomfortable situation using standard medical therapies while at the same time beginning the process of natural healing.

In the later stages of shingles, we are dealing with a nerve pain normally called post herpetic neuralgia. In this situation, we are likely to reduce the level of pain substantially, even from the earliest days of treatment.

Once you have had shingles, the risk of recurrence is increased, even despite shingles shots. In that instance, it is easy to remember to use PEMF therapies since there is still discomfort. The challenge comes when the pain and rash go away. This does not mean the virus is dead or gone from the body. Typically, it still survives in the area that caused the problem in the first place. It may also survive in other parts of the body, creating the potential of additional shingles outbreaks elsewhere in the body. For this reason, we recommend regular therapy with PEMFs to the area of the spine where the shingles is likely living.

In rare cases, the virus may get into the brain and cause meningitis.

PEMFs will work better in conjunction with standard therapies, including medical, nutritional, and supplemental support. My usual approach is to provide natural antiviral, natural anti-inflammatory, and natural nerve regeneration factor stimulants.

These include, but are not limited to: • vitamin B12 • Agnaset • alpha-lipolic acid (2000mg twice a day) • N-acetylcysteine (1200mg twice a day) • DHA (1000mg twice a day) • vitamin B6 (25mg per day) • magnesium citrate (500mg per day) • colloidal silver • ACZnano These will often provide nutritional support while helping the PEMFs to promote a major amount of healing response to the viral assault.

While it is tempting to use a less expensive local PEMF system, the results are not as likely to be as noticeable as we would like. Herpetic neuralgia is not a problem to be trifled with, so it is often better to purchase the best system available and not to be “penny wise/pound foolish.” If there are other health care issues that demand attention as well, then considering other whole-body PEMF systems may be necessary. In cases of very severe shingles virus afflictions, such as spinal cord paralysis and/or encephalitis, much more potent PEMF systems may be necessary. Deciding which system to consider will depend on individual circumstances, as it almost always does. Generally speaking, I will recommend a mobile or portable PEMF system that would be used long term. In the initial stages, you would use this system 24 hours a day for about a week, then gradually slow use to whatever level is needed to manage the health care issues. For this purpose, the PEMF8000 system generally will work the best.

Shingles Herbs and Help

Shingles (herpes zoster) is a secondary outbreak of the chicken pox virus. It can happen decades after the original infection. It is usually less severe the second time. It may occur for people who have had either chicken pox or the chicken pox vaccination. It is often caused by the vaccine, and people who get the vaccine strain years after a vaccination get a much worse version of shingles. It is an opportunistic virus that will strike whenever the immune system is sufficiently impaired. Those who have never contracted chicken pox are at risk of contracting it from people with shingles. When it first occurs, shingles usually appears in circular patterns.

Doctors will prescribe just about anything for shingles, except for something that actually works. Some prescribe painkillers, anti-depressants, and topical petrochemical creams. The establishment’s resultant help-to-harm ratio is rather disturbing. More often than not, standard treatments actually stress the immune system to make the outbreak last longer. Prescribing anti-depressants for a shingles outbreak is insanity, and places the patient at more risk than the original virus. Pharmaceutical anti-depressants are known to cause suicidal and homicidal behaviors, especially in those not needing them. All of the orthodox treatment options have risks, and are rarely effective. Shingles will eventually disappear without treatment, and the amount of time depends on the strength of the immune system.

Natural Treatments

A natural, holistic approach to shingles takes into account that it is part of the herpes family of viruses. When it is treated appropriately, the virus outbreak will be short-lived. Herpes can only thrive in a body with a weakened immune system. The herpes family of viruses are particularly effected by a person’s L-arginine to L-lysine ratio. These are natural amino acids that are found inside the human body, but they come from foods. There must be a greater level of arginine in the body for herpes viruses to thrive.

Lysine is found in proteins, dairy, and most vegetables. Arginine is found in nuts, chocolate, and tomatoes. Use the chart below to ensure that the diet is higher in lysine foods, until the outbreak passes.

Foods with Lysine (Encouraged)

All meats,Fish,Yogurt,Cheese,Milk,Eggs,Apples,Pear,Apricots,Avocados,Pineapples,Green beans,Asparagus

Foods with Arginine (Avoid)

Tomatoes.Wheat Germ,Brussels sprouts,Cashews,Grapes,Pumpkin Seeds Pecans,Blackberries,Blueberries,Peanuts,Chocolate,Sugars

A chiropractor will generally be more helpful than a standard doctor. The shingles virus dwells in the spinal column, where the virus may remain dormant for decades. Spinal misalignment is a strong contributing factor in outbreaks, and their duration. Therefore, chiropractic adjustments can dramatically speed the recovery process.

In order to reduce pain and stimulate recovery, soak a cloth rag in apple cider vinegar. Next, sprinkle cayenne pepper powder over the lesions, and cover them with the damped rag. Put a hot water bottle on top of the rag, or use some other safe source for heat. Be careful not to burn the person. This procedure should dramatically reduce recovery time if repeated regularly. It will also provide much needed relief to the itching.

It would be wise to temporarily supplement with large doses of lysine of up to 2000 mg. per day (2 grams), until the shingles outbreak is gone. However, this large dosage may cause health problems if it is continued for an extended period. A mere handful of peanuts is usually enough to unfavorably shift the balance in favor of arginine, so a carefully planned diet is absolutely critical for fast recovery. Oral doses of colloidal silver , PEMF can be helpful too, because colloidal silver is harmful to viruses. Large doses of vitamin C are known for being helpful in reducing the recovery time. We intentionally neglected to list herbs as an option, because herbs have almost no effect on herpes, chickenpox, or shingles.

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