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PEMF Education and Professionals Testimony

PEMF Education and Professionals Testimony http://www.pemf8000.com

http://pemfdiscovery.com http:www.iamcured.com/blog The PEMF8000 has a rich development history. It is predicated on an earlier bulky and temperamental Greek system. The new PEMF8000 has been improved dramatically in performance, durability, and ease-of-use. Enhanced engineering, state-of-the-art components, and user-friendly design make for a functional, robust device. I have been a PEMF instructor for protocol for many PEMF products and created and published all 5 blogs for pulsed electromagnetic field education including extensive researches and studies in the field! I furthermore have had the pleasure and opportunity to experience many devices including the PEMF4000, IMRS, Magna Charger, Curatron any so many more therefore cultured so much an essential education and knowledge in that journey! As I continue my voyage of study I need to let you know why we have focused our intentions and approvals to this amazing PEMF8000! Truly! Sincerely, Charlie Farricielli 203-214-5454 I’m In Connecticut! pemf8000@gmail.com


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