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PEMF and The Conditions Responsive to It

You can consider PEMF as a battery charger for the entire body. Just as batteries need to be charged so that they can perform the desired operated, so do the cells of the body need recharging. The cells actively move, participate and cause functioning of various operations. The cell membrane of each cell has a charge which is more for a young cell as compared to an aged cell that has a lower charge. When this charge becomes critically low, the cells cease to work properly and they need extra charging to be active and operable.

PEMF gives them this charge. When exposed to the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, the cells get charged and rejuvenated performing functions as before.

Conditions Responsive to PEMF

Inflammation: The electromagnetic current given to the cells through a PEMF device helps in reducing inflammation. When the cells get charged, the sequence of inflammation is reversed which results in reduction of the pain and swelling that is associated with inflammation.

Detoxification: Unwanted toxins in the body are readily ousted from the body with the help of PEMF. When PEMF is used, the body has an increased production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which is the major product that causes the breakdown of blood sugar. With the rise of ATP in the body, the toxins are made to leave the body. PEMF being negative in nature expel the positively charged toxins and thus cleanse the body.

Cancer: PEMF helps in breast and brain cancer by popping all the cancer cells. The negatively charged current, exposes and overcharges the cancer cells causing them to die.

Bones and cartilage: PEMF works to mend fractures very easily. The natural healing process of the bone is enhanced when the electrical current is introduced to the body.

Lower Back Pain: PEMF also helps in healing lower back pain. The non-united lower back injuries heal faster when the area is exposed to PEMF.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis treatment gets benefit from PEMF exposure due to similar reasons as mentioned above.

In addition to these problems, diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue and arthritis are other conditions that have been found to be highly responsive to PEMF.

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