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PEMF Therapy! The In-Depth Story

PEMF Therapy!

The In-Depth Story

PEMF is an acronym for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, its application.

“Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange”

This is true. Quantum physics state that everything in the universe is pure energy (neutral and unqualified) differing only in rates of vibration and frequency. Einstein’s universal equation E=MC2 proved that ‘matter is energy’ from the lowest rate of vibration or the densest physical matter, to the highest rate of vibration, realms where current scientific instruments cannot measure.

The matter that is all around you that you touch, feel, sense, smell, taste is coagulated energy

Matter is energy that can be scientifically measured but because of its rate of spin or vibration cannot be seen with the naked eye. However it is felt (we always know when someone is staring at us, and some places or situations give off ‘bad vibes’) and it is in all that we see and experience ‘as real and solid’ in the world. All energy is electromagnetic in nature, pulsing in, around and through our body and is in a constant state of excitement behind what we see and discern with our five senses. Our biological vessel, the earth, world, universe- all operate, exist, move, fluctuate and change via electromagnetic energy that creates positive and negative poles of force or fields from the smallest cell to the largest planet or star.

Atoms and molecules make up matter

Electromagnetic energy is one of only 4 forces on earth that push, pull, that cause change and movement. Gravity is another. If gravity holds our world and universe fixed in its place, electromagnetic energy is the glue that makes sure matter stays together and doesn’t fall apart.

When electricity and magnetic particles interact an electromagnetic field is produced. Everything that is alive generates an electromagnetic field from molecules to atoms to cells to organs to entire body signatures as does the earth its minerals, plants, trees, animals and so on.

Electromagnetic fields are measured by and discerned by energetic waves and frequency. An electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by moving electrical charges and magnetic interaction that affects the behavior of any other (charged) objects in the vicinity of its field. This means that every time you are near an electromagnetic field there will be a potential transference of that energy into your energy. This is the natural activity of energy, our bodies, the earth and the universe.

We have all had experiences going about our day to day (shopping, work, social events) and interacting with others and later notice that we feel drained and tired when we felt lively and happy before and sometimes it is the opposite where people and places uplift us, inspire us and make us feel good. We are greatly affected by the energy of our environment and of other people.

“At some point in the early part of the last century a decision was made to utilize electrical currents and overhead wires and not go in the direction of Nikola Tesla’s free energy for all via the harnessing of naturally occurring electromagnetic energy from the earth and its atmosphere”

Man-made electricity, generators, motors all generate electromagnetic fields that are simply not compatible with our biological form and functioning. Until a few decades ago, the main man-made sources of electromagnetic fields were radio and television antenna and high voltage power lines. Since the 1990s, the rapid development of mobile telecommunications and other electronic appliances has substantially increased the sources and types of electromagnetic fields to which we are exposed. This has raised serious concerns about their possible adverse health effects. Electro-smog or dirty electricity as it is called acts like a microwave oven, it heats or ‘microwaves’ human tissue and disrupts cellular processes.

A PEMF Therapy device generates low-frequency, safe, life sustaining electromagnetic fields that mimic naturally occurring earth phenomena

Our Beloved Earth’s soil and rock are magnetized with positive and negative poles like a giant magnet. Deep within Earth’s core, molten metal circulates, and this creates powerful electric currents. These currents in interaction with magnetized soil and rock generate Earth’s electromagnetic field, which reaches far out into space. Earth’s electromagnetic field is like a huge bar magnet. There are two poles; north and south. Lines of magnetic force run lengthwise in long arcs from pole to pole. Compasses line up along this electromagnetic field, always pointing north and south and they are used by birds and fish for navigation.

As such, we are born, live, grow and thrive in this natural electromagnetic environment where pulsing electromagnetic fields are everywhere present, within and without everything that is alive. On Earth electromagnetic fields are also generated through the activity of thunderstorms where lightning strikes the earth 40-50 times per second. These electric storms create vast electromagnetic fields that are hugely beneficial to our health and communities not only for their electromagnetic energy but also for their production of negatively-charged ions and ozone that positively affect both our internal and external environments.

Our biological body is naturally adapted to interface and interact with Earth’s biological body and it does that via electromagnetic energy transfer. The Earth generates tiny therapeutic beneficial charges that are generated or pulsed into the body unseen in natural settings not necessarily felt but actively charging our cells and body with life giving electromagnetic energy. Our biological body and system is responsive in kind. This interaction is intended to be mutually beneficial. We are one.

Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism, which leads to disease. Disruption of electromagnetic energy of the Earth causes imbalances that are readily seen today as the destruction of ecosystems, waters, land that has not only put our lives at risk but all other biological organisms as well.

We are a biological microcosm of the macrocosm that is earth and you can readily see why ‘what you do to earth – you do to yourself’.

Electromagnetic energy replenishment has become a necessary reality in these times

70 trillion cells in our body hold an electromagnetic charge and communicate with each other via electromagnetic exchange. The brain, our body is alive, active, snapping, pulsing billions of electrical and chemical signals in any given moment. Every heartbeat generates electromagnetic waves throughout the blood vessels of the body, stimulating tissues at a cellular level. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. If electromagnetic activity ceases, life ceases.

The human body is a complex living whole. Cells are the basic structural, functional and biological unit of all known living organisms. Cells are the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently, and are often called the ‘building blocks of life’. Cells group together and form tissue that in turn forms our body parts. All cells, tissue and organs produce electromagnetic fields via their electrical and magnetic interactions in the body. These fields are imaged via CAT scans, MRI’s, electrocardiogram or EKG, Electroencephalograph or EEG for heart and brain testing.

You can feel your own electromagnetic energy signature by rubbing both hands together vigorously then pressing them gently together in and out. That spongy sensation is your electromagnetic energy field.

Our some 70 billion cells act like batteries

Cells hold and store charge. Healthy cells normally have a charge of 70,000 millivolts to 120,000 millivolts depending upon what part of the body they reside and what they do. If a cell begins to lose this charge, it cannot optimally perform its intended function leading to imbalances in the body that may eventually become disease. Cells with a low charge of 25,000 millivolts or less are often incapable of performing any function other than reproduction.

Electric fields are measured in units of volts per meter or V/m, magnetic fields are measured in milli-Gauss or mG or Tesla

There is evidence now that the Earth’s measurable electromagnetic field has dropped from nearly 30 Gauss at the time of dinosaurs to 0.3 Gauss today. This is significant as all life forms rely on the Earth’s electromagnetic fields for growth and development, health and vitality. Electromagnetic fields immediately affect the nervous and circulatory systems of every living cell – human, animal and plant. With the loss of over 90% of the Earth’s electromagnetic field and today’s polluted environment it is apparent that everyone is operating at far below their true potential.

PEMF Therapy recharges the whole body. A deficiency of electromagnetism in the body is like running out of air. PEMF Therapy creates electromagnetic fields matching those produced by the earth and our bodies. PEMF therapy is a simple, fast, and effective way to improve the healing potential of each and every cell in the body!

Cells emit measurable light called bio-photons

Healthy cells are the foundation for wellness and performance. If your cells are not healthy your body will struggle to be healthy. Poor diet, lack of exercise, aging, toxic environments, trauma, injuries, illness and stress influence our health and prevent our cells from doing what is intended. This could be why you are so tired all the time.

The human body is designed to be self-healing, self-regenerating. When you have a cut or scrape or broken bone healing is quite miraculous. In this way the body shows us the brilliant, intelligent orchestration of which it is capable in the maintenance of our biological vessel.

Just as every plant has a root system that is not visible unless you pull it up out of the soil so too does disease in the body have its root system that sustains it that is not visible to the eye but is there in its energetic form.

Even though many of us still cannot discern this visually, it is there. Behind every solid form is its energetic composition. All disease begins as an undesirable energy or frequency.PEMF Therapy fills the cells and biological form with the light that it needs to clear and release all that is undesirable. This is why people feel so good after using PEMF Therapy just once and why horses and other animals (dogs) line up and wait quietly for their treatment. They instinctively know it is good for them.

Pharmaceuticals do not treat the root cause of illness

Pharmaceuticals use chemicals that suppress or suspend illness symptoms giving the cells and tissues a chance to heal themselves however; they often come with side effects that create more imbalances in the body and new symptoms that exacerbate.

Infection appears easily addressed by antibiotics but over usage of antibiotics for both humans and animals has created a resistance to them that new ones have to be continuously developed for them to work and this has now become a vicious cycle especially since we also ingest antibiotics via animal protein.

Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases or secondary diseases are difficult to heal unless the whole body is considered from the cells on up. Since the root cause, the imbalance is not addressed by pharmaceuticals some diseases progress, other bodily systems are then affected and begin to shut down causing more ill health. Therefore you are more likely to heal or recover from a bone break or a bad cold via short term pain medication, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics or by getting rest, changing your diet, getting more exercise and using holistic treatment and practices than you are from a more serious condition that has become long term. We are told cancer is never healed it goes into remission.

PEMF Therapy has a long history dating back 100 years to Nicola Tesla. The therapeutic use of electricity and electrical devices in medical treatments has been recorded as far back as 1767. Albert Einstein showed that electricity and magnetism are not discrete phenomena but different aspects of the same phenomenon. It has also been postulated that the body has ‘magnetic poles’ just as the earth does which is not hard to believe as every atom is composed of a nucleus with one or more electrons bound to it where protons in the nucleus have a positive electric charge, electrons a negative electric charge; (neutrons have no electric charge and probably function as the ground) therefore when the body is out of balance or not in harmony or ill one of the poles will most likely be out of alignment and it might then be discovered that PEMF Therapy fixes this.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are in transition.

While it is important to acknowledge and honor the positive effects of modern medicine and its benefit and contribution to our health, it is just as important to look ahead.

The nucleus of the atom spins within the cell, this is quantum physics in action, your thoughts and emotions affect the spin

Behind all matter is its energetic component. Our body is energy in motion, comprised of 70% water. Water is 11% hydrogen by mass but 67% hydrogen by atomic percent. Thus most of the mass of the human body is oxygen but most of the atoms in the human body are hydrogen atoms. 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. .85% is composed of another five elements of potassium, sulphur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium; the remaining elements are trace elements.

Attitude is altitude

To get to the root of disease we need to look at the human body as energy, frequency and vibration while encompassing body, mind and spirit. It has been documented that the average person thinks approximately 60,000 thoughts per day and that 70% of those thoughts are negative. Add negative emotions and activity to the mix, your biological vessel is constantly trying to catch up and clean up. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs constantly ripple through your energy and begin to settle in at an early age. This reduces your light quotient in certain cells and over time they hold less and less light. Add this to hereditary potentials, your electrical atmosphere, diet and lifestyle; you can see how the body can only handle so much.

When we understand how this works we can address any imbalance or illness and heal from this new perspective. When we understand we are the sum total and composite of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, words, actions and deeds – this we have the power to change.

“Pemf is a benefit for Mankind from infant to the geriatric.Pemf will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.”

Dr. Linus Pauling — Double Nobel Prize Winner

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