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PEMF REVIEW! What PEMF device would you buy?

With so many different websites, resellers, and marketers promoting Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy devices, deciding which unit to purchase can be confusing and challenging.Websites and Buyer’s Guide references are almost always created by dealers selling a single brand. Product comparisons, then, can become misleading marketing tools instead of valuable, objective resources.

Here, I present reviews of the various PEMF devices I have used. Our goal is to bring you a better understanding of each product’s availability and advantages, their technical statistic’s and affordability, and the quality of support available from the manufacturer, where applicable.Here are the facts about most popular PEMF devices in the USA market for 2016.


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FAQs on PEMF THERAPY by the Users

Q: Would I be able to overdose on an attractive field? A: Low recurrence, low force attractive fields have an insignificant impact on sound cells. In sound cells, these attractive fields appear to be

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