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PEMF 8000 Offers the Double Benefit of Targeted Relief and Whole Body Improvement! DISCOVER PEMF

The human body possesses special cells that generate electrical activity. This can be measured on an EKG and other instruments. Everything we do physically and mentally is controlled by electrical signals. When there is injury, disease or infection, blockages occur creating pain and inflammation. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy quickly aids in restoring circulation and assisting the body’s own natural healing process.

Within 10 nanoseconds per pulse, the micro currents of electricity safely passes through one’s body, killing bacteria, disposing of toxins and allowing for greater cell nutrition, which in turn, quickens the process of cell regeneration. While one will experience specific relief on a targeted area, their entire body will reap the benefits from the therapy. This is because of the complimentary interrelationship all the systems of the body share with one another.

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