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How to Safely Power your PEMF Machine On, Use it and Turn it Off

PEMF is the most advanced modern alternative treatment that is used for various methods. Many patients suffering from back pains, and other types of pain use PEMF machine, The PEMF machine is used to generate Pulsed electromagnetic field radiations that works wonders especially for those with pain.

Usage Directions

Select your preferred treatment accessory and then on the accessory you will find two different cables with connector plugs on the end.

There are two matching adapters n the front panel of the machine in which you can insert both the plugs. Once the plug is inserted then twist it slowly until you hear a gentle click. The plug will be placed in a lock position. Do not power on the device until it is placed in the proper locked position.

Plug the machine into a power outlet with a voltage of 110V.

On the bottom part of the panel, you will see a switch, turn it on. The switch will be green when it is on and once the switch is turned off, it will turn into a red colour.

Set the timer to however long you want your session to last. It can range from anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes. Once the timer reaches the end, the session will finish.

The start button should be pressed to start the session. The start button is placed above the stop button. Once the session starts the red button will light up whereas the stop button will turn dark The machine will make a popping sound. The treatment is in session as long the rhythmic popping sound continues.

Once the timer runs out then you can stop the session by pressing the stop button. The stop button will light up red.

After the session comes to an end, there may be an extra pop sound, don’t worry because this is normal. If you want to start another session, then you can press the start button again.Once you’re sure that the session has stopped then you can power down the machine. Turn the switch to the off position.

When the power switch is in the off position, and the machine is safely powered down, then you can remove the accessory plugs. Remove the plugs from the back of the device and put the silver locks in place using your thumb. Twist the plug to the left position to unlock it and then remove it from the adapter.

Never try to remove the accessories while the machine is powered on .

You can use the PEMF 8000 to treat yourself, your family and even your pets. The machine should be kept away without contact with direct sunlight. The machine should be used with all the precautions taken properly. Never try to place your machine in places anywhere where there might be loose electrical cables and water.

Always read the instructions carefully before using the machine on anyone. Make sure that you use this device only on those who need it. Follow all the safety precautions to ensure that no complications or accidents occur.

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