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What is so Special about PEMF?

PEMF Therapy can be done anywhere becomes of the mobility of the device. The device can be used anywhere where there is enough electricity to power the internal spark generator.

The various conditions or illnesses that you can treat with PEMF therapy are performance stress and body soreness, soreness in the back, joints neck, leg, shoulder, or hooves. You can use it on those injuries on soft muscles.

You can relieve stone bruises and hoof abscess. It can cure various age-related issues arthritis and Cushing's disease. The inability to sweat normally can be resolved in just about 2 or 3 sessions. PEMF Therapy can be used for treating non healing wounds. They are also used for treating bone issues like non healing fractures.

For effective treatments on horses, PEMF signal should be strong enough to penetrate the injured level at a therapeutic level. The main challenge is that the PEMF signal strength dissipates with an increase in distance from the loop.

An injured area might be several inches below the skin, and if the machine is not designed properly, then the PEMF will not work at the cellular level, hence reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. The scarring and trauma of connective tissue can be present in the area which is being treated.

The magnetic field might only radiate a little distance and affect the body’s skin, muscles, sinew, fat, and bone. The muscle tissues hinder the magnetic field penetration. Maximum penetration can only be achieved when the intensity and resulting gauss levels are increased while using a multi-powered PEMF device.

The main objectives of the treatment are to restore the affected spinal joints’ standard motion and neurological firing patterns. The other objectives also include releasing adjacent tight and unbalanced muscles, break up scar tissue, adhesions and dispersing lactic acid along with the other metabolic waste products.

The multi-powered PEMF machines can be used for the rapid removal of those treated tissues and to draw in the new blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen. The PEMF Therapy is known for improving the circulation of synovial fluid through the joint capsules.

PEMF therapy depends entirely on how effectively you can use the machine. Although PEMF Therapy can produce rapid results in less than seconds, for those who want to work towards a better life should use the therapy for a longer time. Although many people might say that this treatment is all a hoax, various customers have had life changing results due to the effective usage of the PEMF Therapy.

The most amazing thing about this alternative in modern medicine is that you can use it effectively for various things. You can treat animals and humans. While many think that this treatment is only for treating pain and bone fractures are quite wrong. PEMF Therapy can treat various other diseases or illnesses such as insomnia, depression, and injuries. It works at the cellular level which is why it is known for providing rapid treatment in patients.

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