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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy: History and Benefits

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or PEMF discovery is a boon in the field of medicine and health care. PEMF therapy has a long history dating back to 100 years. Since the invention of electricity, electromagnetic field therapies are widely used. The therapeutic use of electrical devices in medical treat has been recorded from the late 1760s.

PEMF therapy, manipulates the cellular activities with magnetically induced electric currents, to treat many illnesses. Since it works at a cellular level, it can also improve the generation and working of the cells making us healthier.

The cells in our body hold an electromagnetic charge and communicate with each other via the electromagnetic exchange PEMF therapy was first used by veterinarians to treat fractured or broken bones in racehorses. But now, PEMF therapy is used to treat many illnesses like, arthritis, fractured bones, chronic venous insufficiency, paralysis, cervical osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, depression, etcetera. PEMF therapy is widely used in treating chronic illness. Like laser, ultrasound and electrical stimulation, the PEMF technology penetrates through the biological tissues. PEMF is operated at individual cell level in the specific organ or tissues in the body.

PEMF is non-toxic and non-invasive. It penetrates through our entire body, affecting individual cells making up the tissues, organs, and the body systems. PEMF recharges the whole body. Medicines or drugs don't treat the illnesses from the roots. They use chemicals that suspend or suppress the symptoms of the illness by giving the cells a chance to heal themselves. But, they come with many side effects which create more imbalances and more symptoms that get worse with time. To get to the root of a disease, we should look at the human body as energy, vibrations, and frequency including body, mind and spirit.

In 1900s when Nikola Tesla discovered electromagnetic fields for health sector, the devices were large, round solenoid Tesla coils of wire that surround the patient while they stand or lie down. In original PEMF devices Helmholtz coils were used. They generated magnetic field where the patients were placed inside it for treatment. Now, with the help of new and advanced technology, better PEMF devices are manufactured.In 2004, FDA approved PEMF for cervical fusion surgery.

PEMF is mostly used in orthopedic treatments. The cells and tissues receives electrical signals produced by PEMF, simulating and hastening the cellular repair.

PEMF therapy stimulates and activates cellular and molecular process of cells, thus healing the body faster. This also strengthens the immune system and improves microcirculation, providing better oxygen supply to the organs of the body. It also increases the transfer of nutrients to the muscles and bones in the body, thus strengthening it.

Thus, PEMF plays a major role in treating many illnesses. There are many companies that sell PEMF devices. The prices vary from company to company. You could search online for PEMF for sale and you would get many results. When purchasing a PEMF device, got through the reviews of that particular device. Search for a particular PEMF review or pulsed electromagnetic field device review.

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