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SPECIAL FREE MATTRESS (1,295.00 VALUE) Good till September 15th, 2018


The Mobile model is housed in a rolling suitcase and is ideal for those intending to travel with the device. Includes:
Control unit
Single/loop coil
Power cord
Control Box: 17” L x 14” D x 26” H
2.1 Tesla 20,000 Gauss max
Waveform: Square
Weight: 41 lbs
Loop coil: 24-inch diameter, 12-foot lead
Timer: 3 Minutes to 60 minutes


  • 10 years of engineering has produced a “State of the Art” PEMF device of the 21st century and Beyond! Cleanest “Spark” In the industry! And Affordable!

    The charges produced by pemf8000 high-intensity magnetic fields has been found in research to positively benefit coagulation, fractures, psychological/cognitive issues, immunology, muscle actions, nerve conductivity, EEG effects, intestinal motility, skin respiration, antioxidant activity, and many other bodily functions. Relief from many different ailments has been reported after just a few treatments even with this high intensity PEMF8000!

    • We carry the most up-to-date systems

    • We offer a 30 day return period

    • We provide ongoing support from a practicing medical doctor with more than 25 years using magnetic field devicespulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices and sports physical therapy!

    • We guarantee the best pricing

    • We have an experienced, courteous staff

    • Designed and produced in the USA

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