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PEMF8000 Device Review and Comparison


PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a new way that has revolutionized the traditional pain treating techniques. The development of PEMF for treating health disorders has led to the discovery of better techniques in the field of medical science. Over the years several clinical trials have been done to test the use of PEMF in treating pain, improving sleep, relaxing muscles and are also helpful for depression patients.


 Many different PEMF devices are available in the market but due to lack of information, choosing between them is difficult. Often companies use tricky numbers and scientific terms to perplex you, but all that is just marketing strategy. We will provide the facts that will make it easier to understand which PEMF device is better than others. But for a quick answer, we would say PEMF 8000. Only after all the time spent in research and development for many years, only our PEMF 8000 holds the right to be called the best PEMF device available in the market.


Understanding PEMF


PEMF therapy is a therapy using PEMF waves to stimulate the electromagnetic exchanges between body tissues and muscles. The targets muscles are damaged or injured and PEMF is used to relieve pain that may be residing in these muscles. PEMF machines works are a charger that charges your muscles cell. Chronic pain in muscles is only caused when your body cells are worn out and out of energy. The reason for this may be varying from fatigue to injury or an illness.

PEMF devices send electromagnetic signals to these worn out cells and provide the electric energy through magnetic waves. This makes the low energy cell recharged and they start healing the body relieving you from pain.

When the proper functioning of body cells is disrupted because of some reason, it impairs the normal cell metabolism and makes your body susceptible to various health disorders. PEMFs help rejuvenate these cells and make them function normally which prevents diseases. Various PEMF devices are available in the market with varying features. Among them, PEMF 8000 is the most effective as well as affordable.




What makes the PEMF 8000 device different than the others?



Though all the PEMF devices use electromagnetic signals to heal the body, there is a major difference in PEMF 8000 that makes it better than others PEMF devices in the market. We will thoroughly give you a detailed description of the major differences between PEMF 8000 and other devices below -



1. How much Electricity You Get with Each Pulse


PEMF devices use electricity to generate magnetic signals. These devices can be divided into two categories- high voltage and low voltage. They both are useful but the working situations differ for both. PEMF 8000 belong to the first category and uses high voltage to produce the magnetic field. More voltage means more power with each pulse. High voltage devices can produce better results than low voltage devices in less time


2. How Fast each Pulse Enters the Body


The frequency of the pulse generate is also an important factor in determining the productivity of PEMF devices. If the frequency is higher, then it will be more beneficial as the cells will get more energy. PEMF 8000 has higher pulse frequency than other devices which produces effective results much faster than others PEMF devices.



3. Strength of Magnetic Field Produced


The strength of the magnetic field produced defends on the power of the device. Devices that use high voltage will produce stronger magnetic fields and vice versa. PEMF 8000 is a high voltage device that produces the magnetic field from 2400-20000 gauss per pulse which is higher than the competition.



4. Price



Usually, PEMF devices available are very costly. Aside from the price, the fact that they don’t show any visible result even after weeks is what drives people away from them. Our PEMF 8000 isn’t expensive like others and have been proven to produce much better results in just a few minutes.



5. Technology Used


PEMF is not a new concept and has been trialed many years ago for its medical usage. Other PEMF device developers have ceased to research further in this field and thus their devices use year’s old technology. Our developers have continued to research and have made PEMF 8000 using the best state of the art technology





























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PEMF8000 Amazing Technology

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